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Virgina Artists Volume 2!

Anthony Rosano and the Conqueroos

Anthony Rosano and the Conqueroos Photo: Alan Grossman Photography

Henry and I hope you will join us this Saturday (5/21/16) at 11:00 p.m. as we unleash the latest episode of Time for the Blues featuring some great music from Virginia Artists as well as some great new numbers from around the country.

For the past few years I’ve been collecting CDs and EPs from musicians all over the state. While I love the music, the historian in me wants to document the music of the Old Dominion. I’m deep into research going back to the early days of the Commonwealth, but this week I want to concentrate on more recent releases.

Bobby BlackHat Walters If you were following the journey of Bobby BlackHat Walters at this year’s International Blues Challenge in Memphis, you couldn’t help but be thrilled that he made it all the way to the finals. That’s right, of all the acts that descended on the home of the blues, Walters and Company were among the final eight standing at the end.

In Henry terms, he may not have won the lottery, but he matched five numbers…

We’ve been friends with Walters for several years and always have a good time whenever we catch one of his shows. He’s a great singer, a top-notch harp player, but most of all, he can work a crowd like a master. (Check the audio sample above!)

Our problem is not finding a song that we want to play, it’s narrowing down the selection from his five or so albums. Well, we decided on one off his latest album, Accidental Blues, that really spoke to us. Trouble is, so did several others, but we’re sticking with our selection. That is, unless we change our mind at the last minute.

Walters’ main guitar player is a young wizard named Tom Euler, who coincidentally enough has just released his first EP, Fool Me Once. When we were hanging out recently at a local club, Euler was kind enough to slip me a copy so that we could include it here. We definitely think you are going to like it.

At that same club were are new friends The Bush League (and check these guys out; they are getting ready to open for Jarekus Singleton AND Samantha Fish!) and they reminded me how much I love their old-school style. I went back and dug out their first album and we’re going to let them take us for a ride.

I first met Darryl Ellyson through a mutual friend and I enjoyed hearing him play. We stayed in touch over the years and I was eager to hear him record an album. He recently sent me a copy of It’s Such A Shame, and it really is a shame I’ve made you wait to hear it.

Our Charlottesville friends the Jon Spear Band recently sent us a copy of their second album, Live Music Is Better, and we couldn’t agree more. This one captured the fun and energy of a JSB show and we think you’re going to have some fun with this selection.

A great band from the Virginia Beach area, Anthony Rosano and the Conqueroos have been putting out some high energy blues for a number of years and we always enjoy catching them live. We’ve got a selection off of their web release Roo'd Awakening, which was recorded live at the Broadberry recently. If you purchase this album, the funds go to their next studio release which is being produced by Mike Zito. Check out the Conqueroos web site here for more details.

We’ve also got selections from Terry Garland – both solo, and teaming up with our pal Li’l Ronnie!

You can’t go wrong with musicians from our fair state, and I’m already looking forward to the next time we can sample our homegrown artists.

But there’s still more to go. We have a selection from David Burgin. Burgin is a fascinating man who was an in demand session player for harmonica and he’s a master of many different styles. He left the music world for a couple of decades and was a business man wearing a suit and everything. He recently retired and decided he needed a second act in music. The result is a very cool album, No Money Down, and we’ve got a great number for you.

We’ve also got tracks from new releases from Guy King, the Balkun Brothers, Harper and Midwest Kind, the Brothers Brown, and Kern Pratt.

If you can’t find something in this show that thrills you, you better check your ears and your pulse, because we’ve got something for everyone.

So rest up, take that nap, or just chill a little while in your favorite chair and we’ll bring the great music to you. Remember, it’s Saturday night at 11:00 p.m. where it’s always Time for fhe Blues.