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Kick Off The Summer Season With Scorching Hot Blues

Moreland & Arbuckle

Moreland & Arbuckle

Henry and I hope you will make plans to join us this Saturday night (5/28/16) starting at 11:00 p.m. as we prepare for the unofficial beginning of summer by bringing you some scorching hot blues!

It’s not a blues song by any means, but we all remember that Buster Poindexter number from years ago – the one with the chorus, “Hot, hot, hot!” Not many people know that was written with a Richmond summer in mind.

Or maybe it was about this week’s Time For The Blues. We’ve got some great blues that will set the night on fire and get your toes tapping wherever you sit.

Back in 2014, Moreland & Arbuckle were co-headliners for Parkfest, the River City Blues Society’s festival at Pocahontas State Park. I was fortunate enough to serve as the emcee for the event and got the chance to hang out with the band for a little while as they prepared to bring their high energy blues to the stage.

The guys recently signed with Alligator and released their first album, Promised Land or Bust, on the label. We got our hands on a copy and loved it! These guys are well known as one of the fastest moving bands in the blues, and if you haven’t discovered them for yourself, here’s your opportunity to enjoy them and become a fan.

They are not the only high octane group on the bill this week, we’ve also got The Mighty Mojo Prophets on board. We’ve featured the Prophets before and now they have a brand new album, Record Store, out on their own label. If you weren’t a fan of them before now, give them a couple of songs and I’m pretty sure you’ll become one!

From our classical blues department, we’ve got the next installment of the Chief Blues Story. Chief was a small Chicago label that released a number of singles, but to the best of my knowledge, never put together an entire album. Many of their sides were collected by some European reissue labels and I was fortunate enough to find one in the bargain bin of a record store. Yes, I scour bargain bins looking for interesting things to explore and I’m rarely disappointed by what I find.

This week, we’ve got an early recording by Junior Wells and one by a group that I can’t find any information on. They are called Bobby & Lucy and if you have any info about them, please feel free to share it. I would love to know more about them.

We’ve also got some new works from our friends In Layman Terms. We’ve been working with these talented siblings for a number of years and loved their first album, Tangled, very much. Here’s one more song off that debut album.

We’ve also got a song from Anthony Geraci and the Boston Blues All-Stars off their Fifty Shades of Blue album and another from Sugar Blue.

All in all, it’s the fastest hour of blues and you’ll have a great time. Just do whatever you do to stay up late (Henry watches television and noodles on the computer), and tune in at 11:00 p.m. on 88.9 WCVE, where it’s always Time For The Blues!