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Getting Funky with Tweed Funk and John Németh!

Tweed Funk

We hope you will join us this Saturday night (7/9/16) when Time for the Blues gets its funky dance groove on! Henry and I are busting out our best – and only – dance moves and you will be so glad we’re on radio so you won’t have to see them!

Seriously, we love to change the pace once in a while and look for some music with a “solid beat that’s easy to dance to,” as they used to say on American Bandstand. Not that we were actually watching to cop the dance moves – we were all about the music. Those young ladies doing the pony in go-go boots had nothing to do with it…

When we received are copy of Tweed Funk’s third CD, "Come Together" in the mail – I was eager to break out the polyester suit and work on my boogie moves. Fortunately for the work, those pants shrunk way too much and can’t be worn again, so I’m retiring my dancing and will now just stay in my chair and nod appreciatively at some great music.

I love Tweed Funk and they make a great sound that may not be traditional blues for some, but they make a righteous sound and you can tell that people are having fun. I think we need more of their brand of music!

John NémethSpeaking of having fun, if you ever get a chance to catch John Németh live, make sure you do because this man throws himself into every song. He’s able to squeeze every piece of emotion from a song and will make you forget yourself into his blue-eyed soul approach.

I caught him live recently at the Tin Pan and picked up a few of his CDs after the show. (Yes, I paid for them smartypants.) He told me that two of the albums were not available commercially at that time and were concert exclusives. I haven’t checked to see if that is still the case, but either way we’ll sample a song from each of those two CDs, plus hear a little from his latest album on Blue Corn Music, Memphis Grease. (Henry says you will be able to link to the two live John Németh songs we're playing when you see them pop up on our playlist during the show on our web page.)

Then it’s back to the funky with some music from the late ‘60’s early ‘70’s when studios tried to mix blues and dance music. Some of these tunes have been collected onto albums and I went out and got ‘em just for you! We’ve picked out a few to give you an idea and even the greats took part in this experiment. We’ve got Albert King and Buddy Guy trying their hand at some definitely funky blues.

We’ve also got some new material from Mark Cameron, Queen Delphine & The Crown Jewels, and The Hitman Blues Band. You won’t want to miss a minute of these artists.

I can’t promise you’ll laugh at any of the jokes, but I am confident you’ll be moving around to the music, so do what you have to do to join us Saturday night at 11:00 and make sure to bring along your boogie shoes! Invite the neighbors and make it a party because here at 88.9 WCVE, it’s always Time for the Blues!