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The Rides and Micke Björklöf!

Stephen Stills and Kenny Wayne Shepherd performing as The Rides, June 2016, Berkeley, CA. Photo: David W. Baker Wikimedia Commons

We hope you will join us on Time for the Blues this Saturday night (7/16/16) at 11:00 as we try to fight the summer heat with some very cool blues. Of course it won’t mean a thing if you’re not there to help us enjoy it.

Over the years we’ve enjoyed some of the supergroups that have popped up from time to time. You know, where a band of all-stars get together usually for a once only concert or an album, tear it up, then go their separate ways for a while and maybe get together again in the future.

The RidesWell, we’ve got a great supergroup for you this week as Stephen Stills (remember him from Buffalo Springfield or Crosby, Stills, Nash, & Young) joins up with Kenny Wayne Shepherd and keyboard legend Barry Goldberg for a group they call The Rides. Their second release, "Pierced Arrow" hit stores recently and I actually broke down and bought a copy as well as a copy of their 2013 release "Can’t Get Enough."

After you hear how great they sound (check the audio sample above), we have no doubt that you can’t get enough either.

Micke BjörklöfPlus we’ve got some music from our fine Finnish friend Micke Björklöf and his amazing group Blue Strip. I stumbled onto their great work on an album last year and we started corresponding. Fortunately for me, Björklöf is fluent in English because my Finnish is “todella paha.” (Translation: “very bad.”)

Henry had never listened to the group very much, but once I brought in the albums, he started checking them out. He texted me that they reminded him of Golden Earring (remember "Radar Love?) – a European band that sounded more American than many American bands.

But you know we’ve always got a little more up our sleeves and this week we’re spinning a few records from people we’ve had the pleasure of meeting and getting to know. We’ve got California girl herself, Shari Puorto from her new album "My Obsession." (By the way, Puorto’s writing partner is none other than Barry Goldberg from that supergroup The Rides.)

We’ve also got a very cool, very dark group out of L.A. called the New Blues Revolution. I think they sound an awful lot like the very early Doors. See what you think as we play a selection from their new EP. And if you see them out on the road somewhere, check ‘em out and let us know what you think.

Then our pal Bob Corritore teams up with Big Jon Atkinson on a Slim Harpo classic and we’ve got it just for you.

One of the thing we try to pride ourselves on is finding new artists and showcasing their talents. That’s one of the reasons we always try to get the new material up front, just to whet your appetite to hear more. This week, we’ve got some great new artists making their Time for the Blues debut: Paul Filipowicz, Debbie Bond, and Bing Futch.

So, come on and join us Saturday beginning at 11:00 p.m. Become a part of the Blues Crew and let us know what you want to hear. We’re always interested in feedback here at 88.9 WCVE, where it’s always Time for the Blues!