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Lisa Mann and Alligator's 45th!

Lisa Mann

We hope you will join us on Time for the Blues this Saturday night (7/23/16) at 11:00 as Henry and I plan to bring you a great show filled with amazing blues! We’ve got a lot of brand new, hot off the press music mixed with just enough classics to satisfy your musical cravings.

Since we’ve been doing this show now for almost ten years, we’ve had the opportunity to make a lot of good friends. One of the best has been with West Coast sensation, Ms. Lisa Mann, the two-time Blues Music Award winning bass player of the year. Lisa got in touch with us when her first album, "Satisfied" came out. We enjoyed it, played it, and started a friendship that has just gotten deeper over the years.

Now she is out with her third album, "Hard Times, Bad Decisions" and we’re still crazy about her. In fact, I think it’s safe to say that we become bigger fans with every passing album and if this is your first chance to hear her music, we think you’ll become just as big of a fan as we are. (Check out the screamin' audio sample of the title track above!)

We are also fans of Alligator Records, but if you are a blues lover, it’s kind of hard to not be a fan of this great label. Many of my first blues albums were Alligator releases and they continue to occupy a prominent place in my heart – and collection. The next time I’m in Chicago I am taking up some friends from the company to finally get a chance to tour their offices and see where so much magic has taken place.

Recently Alligator put out one of their “Best Of” compilations, this time celebrating their 45th anniversary of putting out quality titles for the world to share. As always it’s a mix of some more recent releases with some of their classic recordings and the combination is thrilling. We’ve selected a few more classic releases from Johnny Winter, Smokin’ Joe Kubek with Bnois King, James Cotton with Joe Bonamassa, and my friend Ann Rabson.

While we enjoy bringing you the classics, one thing we particularly love is to find new artists and new sounds. I can’t tell you what a thrill it is to discover some talent and share it with you, and this week we’ve got some very fresh sounds.

We’ve had the chance to sample some tunes from Mick Kolassa and Markey Blue in the past, and now that they have new albums out, we’re happy to bring you some new songs from them.

Brand new to Time for the Blues are Reggie Wayne Morris, The Mighty Orq, Jeff Chaz, and a group that Mrs. Professor brought to my attention, The Record Company. We think you are going to enjoy them as much as we do.

So catch that nap if you have to, just settle in for the most fun hour on the radio as Henry and I crank up the volume and play those sweet sounds just for you. The jokes will probably be bad, but don’t worry, we don’t talk long before getting back to the music.

We’ll be waiting for you, this Saturday night beginning at 11:00 on 88.9 WCVE where it’s always Time for the Blues!