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Our 10th Anniversary!

We hope you will join us for all the festivities this Saturday night (8/6/16) at 11:00 as Henry and I dust off our party hats and noisemakers and celebrate the 10th Anniversary of Time for the Blues!

Can you believe it? We’ve been coming into your life for a full decade now bringing you hundreds of amazing songs and at least three good jokes. Maybe two good jokes, one was kind of iffy, but we’re counting it anyway.

We’re going to look back at some of our best moments going all the way back to some of our first shows to include music from Charlie Musselwhite, George “Harmonica” Smith, and Love Sculpture. If you’re not familiar with Love Sculpture, Henry is here to educate you and look back at this psychedelic blues rock band from the late ‘60’s. Honestly they have a great sound, but oh, that name…

One of the coolest things that has happened to us over the past ten years is we have made friends with some very nice people. Some folks, like Charlie Musselwhite, Bob Margolin, J.P. Soars, and Debbie Davies were artists we admired and are now really happy to call them friends. We’ve also managed to become friends with a large number of Virginia artists thanks to featuring more shows that focus on blues musicians from the Old Dominion.

A few of those friends might just pop up as well. You know, folks like Forrest McDonald – who will be representing the River City Blues Society of Virginia at the International Blues Challenge in Memphis again this year. (Check out the audio sample above!) Also, the Bionic Bluesman himself, Jon Spear, and our friends Cole and Logan Layman, collectively known as In Layman Terms.

While we’re talking about friends, we also look back at some artists we loved and whose work inspired us. Henry dug up some great work from the Legendary Blues Band (featuring a great Pinetop Perkins pianosolo) and a selection from the "Super Session" that featured Al Kooper and Mike Bloomfield, as well as a smokin' track from the late, great Gary Moore teaming up with Albert Collins. We’ve also got a little slice of British Blues as Henry brings out The Yardbirds just to rock the night away.

More friends drop by to wish us well – we’ve got music from the great harp player David Burgin (whose earlier work inspired me to pick up the instrument), Benny Turner who is one of the best soul-blues singers out there, Eliza Neals shares a new song that will be on her 2017 album release, and the one and only Nashville R&B group Markey Blue.

From time to time we get questions from people we meet when we’re out and about, so in the interest of full disclosure and answering those questions, here are some OACs (Occasionally Asked Questions) about TFTB (Time For The Blues).

How did you guys meet?

We were both working as part time board operators at WCVE, when we met. Henry’s ability to fix things and work cheap were instrumental in him getting promoted to full time and he still keeps things running around the station and can be heard almost daily running “Performance Today”. Due to work/life constraints, I’m the part time-est of part timers, tackling theatre reviews as well as being the sidekick on Time for the Blues.

Have you ever started a show on time?

Once. It scared the heck out of me. I thought Henry must be sick.

Who are the guys you thank at the end of every show and what do they do?

Shawn Evans is a long time voice and all around good guy at the station. He assists with some of Henry’s technical responsibilities so he can spend a little time with the blues. Ben Dolle used to be the weekday overnight producer and now he does a great job in our news department. Once in a while he runs CDs into our system that I have selected (believe it or not, I still have some computer phobia). Ian Stewart hosts the World Music Show and as a producer finds some of our international blues. Thanks guys....but before I forget, there's one more very spacial thank you and that's to our Webmaster Marshall Lloyd who puts together the great picures for our blogs, including this really cool banner for our 10th anniversary above! Thanks Marshall!

Where do you find all that great music?

Much of the new music you hear comes to us from a variety of great publicists who make sure we get the latest and greatest. They are untiring in their dedication to their artists, so big thanks are offered to Frank, Betsie, Doug, Mark, Matt, and all the people who take the time to find us and send us great music. We also check out a service for radio producers and find some artists that way, plus occasionally I find music at auctions and estate sales (if you have any blues for sale, please drop me a line – [email protected]). I even spend some of my allowance in record stores when I find something really cool!

Why is Henry always quoting movies?

Henry is the Rainman of movie quotes. He remembers things from movies so obscure I’ve never heard of them – let alone seen them. If there was a game show for movie quotes, he would win so much they would have to ban him from the show. Do me a favor – email me your favorite movie quotes ([email protected]) and I will try to stump him on a show. Seriously.

What’s on the drawing board for future shows?

We’ve just begun to scratch the surface with blues, so we’ve got years of great music ahead of us. I’m not so sure about the jokes however. I guess we’ll just have to suffer those together!

Anyway, join us this Saturday at 11:00 pm for a show 10 years in the making. We’ve got music, jokes, weird stuff that makes no sense and all we need is you. Do what you have to do to be there on 88.9 WCVE where it’s always Time for the Blues!