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Mick Kolassa and More Lil' Ed!

We hope you will join us this Saturday night (9/24/16) at 11 for this week’s pulse pounding episode of Time for the Blues. Henry and I are bringing in some great music to celebrate the first Saturday of Fall and feel free to crank up the volume loud enough to knock the leaves off the trees!

The last 10 years that we’ve unleashed this show on an unsuspecting public have been a great ride. We’ve met more people and found more great music than you can shake a Stratocaster at! One of our friends is a very cool guy by the name of Mick Kolassa who works out of a small town in Mississippi and makes some excellent music.

Sometimes it’s kind of country, sometimes it’s kind of funky, but it’s always fun to listen to. Plus, he’s a fisherman, so in my book that moves him up several notches. (Don’t worry, I am strictly a catch-and-release kind of guy. In fact, last time I went, I didn’t even bring a pole, just sat and watched by favorite lake.)

Anyway, Kolassa not only is a great musician, but he’s a man who looks after his fellow humans. He’s donating the proceeds from this album to two great charities supported by the Blues Foundation. Not many people out there are that dedicated with making the world a better place.

This current release, Taylor Made Blues, is a love letter to his home in Mississippi. It’s a story of place and a lifestyle that most of us will never experience. I think you will find it as captivating as we did and you may just find yourself a new fan. (Check the audio sample above!)

We’ve also got some more blistering blues from Lil’ Ed and The Blues Imperials as they rip their way through their new album, The Big Sound Of Lil’ Ed and The Blues Imperials on Alligator Records. The guys just blew through town and left the house shaking in their wake.

Since it may be a while before we see him back in town, we’re going to unleash a few more selections and even one from a much earlier album. You won’t want to miss the party and if you have a spare fez for us to wear, even better.

We’ve also got a bunch of great new music that has just recently hit my desk. Sammy Eubanks has released one of the most fun albums I’ve heard in a while, Sugar Me. Just for grins, we’ve got a song that may not become a classic, but I guarantee it’s going to cause a few smiles.

Another friend with a new album is the amazing Shaun Murphy and we have a selection from her album, It Won’t Stop Raining, and think you are going to fall in love with this talented lady. Plus, we got a selection from a great vocalist and sax player named Nancy Wright. VizzTone has released her latest album, Playdate!, and we think you will be moving to it for some time to come.

Speaking of the ladies, Henry and I have another talented group that we are eager to share with the world. Three new releases from Lex Grey and the Urban Pioneers, Mary Jo Curry, and Kat Riggins just might help you discover a new artist (or two, or even three) to enjoy.

So do what you need to do to stay up late. Naps, coffee, or just your natural inclination to stay awake all night – it’s all good. We just want to see you join us for all the fun and bring along all your friends.

Every Saturday at 11:00 p.m. is when the fun starts here at 88.9 WCVE, where it’s always Time for the Blues!