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A Bevy of Sound

Ecuadorian/New Yorker Eljuri

Welcome one and all to the fabulous spectacle that is this week’s World Music Show (10/22). Ok, perhaps that’s over selling it a bit, but that could be because I’ve seen the playlist and I know that this week’s show will do its best to thrill and entertain you—or at least it’ll help you pass the time for a few hours on a Saturday night.

Here’s the gist of it. We’ll explore a bevy of Latin styles, including Ecuadorian Rock, pumped-up salsa tunes known as Canibalismo and a Brazilian/French hybrid that’ll be easy on the ears. And, we’ll check out some Vegas-inspired alternative ballads out of Uruguay. Plus, we’ll also dip into the land of Ska/Dub/ & Reggae and we’ll even throw in some interesting cover tunes—and that’s only the gist of it.

 Now, let’s get down to brass tactics, though I’m not sure how that applies here. First out of the gates is some new music. This is the Brazilian born artist Carla Hassett. She’s had an interesting career. After being born in Sao Paulo, she moved with her family to Chicago. Both these locales influenced her musical tastes. In her career, she’s toured with the likes of Billy Idol, Sergio Mendes and even the actor Gary Sinise. Plus, she’s appeared on TV shows like “Pee Wee’s Playhouse.” Off her new CD called +Blue, we’ll hear the song “We Belong Here.” Mixed into this set will be more new music. Off her new CD called La Lucha, we’ll hear from the Ecuadorian/New Yorker Eljuri. She’s the quite the guitarist too, who loves rock n’ roll licks. We check out her songs “Nunca Volvere” and “BangBang.” She’s touring around right now and if she plays here, I’ll be sure to let you know.

Let’s continue with our trek through the wonderful world of Latin sound. Locos por Juana is a Grammy and Latin Grammy nominated bilingual Latin band most notably recognized by their energetic live performances and their unique fusion of Latin styles and influences, which include Caribbean beats. Off their new CD called Del Caribe So Yo, they delve heavy into the Caribbean sounds. I’ll play the songs “Se Fue La Luz” and “La Policia,” which features the musicians Rocky Dawuni and Elastic Bond.

 Then, we’ll head to Vegas by way of Uruguay to hear some very interesting tracks from Max Capote. Capote was nominated for a Latin Grammy back in 2011 for best new artist. His style is both a throwback and current—unique. Off his CD called Aperitivo de moda, we’ll hear the songs “Ana” and “It was Me.” We’ll keep rolling along with the alternative Latin theme here in this hour. Next up, it’ll be some Canibalismo music. What? You’re not familiar with this? That’s ok, it’s actually the name of a CD from a band called Chicha Libre, in which they have some pumped up Salsa beats. Off of it, we’ll check out the songs “La Plata (En Mi Carrito De Lata)” and “Muchachita del Oriente.”

To counterbalance those pumped-up beats, we’ll hear some Brazilian-inspired guitar work from the guitarist Jesse Cook. Off his CD called One World, we’ll hear the songs “Taxi Brazil,” and “Shake.” He’s the same musician who covered the Simon & Garfunkel song “Cecelia” that I’ve played before. Then, we’ll keep the beat toned down and stay within the Brazilian realm. However, you may detect a little French/Brazilian mix with these next two songs. And it makes sense, though, when you think that the musician Dom La Nena, grew up in Brazil and Paris. Off her new CD called  Cantando, which is a small, 4-track EP set in which she covers some of her favorite tunes, here are the songs “Felicidade” and “Gracias a la Vida.”

 Ending this Latin-themed hour will be a non-Latin song from a trio from the country of Georgia. Trio Mandili recently set the World Music scene on fire, so to speak, with their charming videos and harmonies. They started playing Georgian folk covers, normally sung by men, but have sinned branched off into their own music. If you can, go look for their videos on YouTube. And while you’re there, check the videos of me from my high school play Guys & Dolls…ah, just kidding. Before we finish with this hour, I’ll play some 1970s Afrobeat from Madman Jaga.

The second hour is going to be quite a hoot—not sure why I sad that, who says that anymore? Anyway, this will be fun, better than a visit to—insert your worst place here—as I don’t want to offend anyone. First up, here’s a chunk of new music. A couple of week’s ago, I played a couple of new songs from a Ska band called the Frightnrs from their CD called Nothing More to Say. I said their style is reminiscent of old-school Ska music, which it is. The sad story, though, is that while recording their debut CD, their lead singer was diagnosed with ALS and passed away soon after the album wrapped. Off the CD, here is the aptly titled title song “Nothing More to Say.”

 Mixed into this first set will be a track off a rare-to-find CD of Reggae music called Rhythm Come Forward. The CD may be hard to track down, but the song, which is by the late, great Peter Tosh called “Stepping Razor” is not hard to find.  Also mixed into this first set and off a new Cd by a band called Jah Works, we’ll hear the song “So Lovely (Right by my Side),” and we’ll also hear more new music in the style of Dub by a band called Flowering Inferno.

 So, if you were around the past summer, then perhaps you heard or even went to my BirthdayBash that we put on here at the station this past August. If you did, then you most likely heard from this singer Monica Da Silva, who is part of the duo, Complicated Animals. Well, if before she became complicated, she released some solo CDs. Off of one hers, called Brasilissima, in which she actually partnered with guitarist Chad Alger, who the other part of the duo, we’ll check out the songs “Canta Coracao,” and “Ai Entao,” which she played at the bash. And if you missed the bash, then you’re in for a treat.

 This whole set of music will feature some great, breezy and fun female voices. From Malaysia by way of the states now, we’ll hear the singer and ukulele player, Zee Avi with one of my favorite songs off her GhostBird CD called “Milestone Moon.” And before her, a couple of quick tracks from the defunct trio who were known as Mosquitos. Off their CD called Sunshine Barato, we’ll hear the songs “Xixizinho No Oceano,” and “Sunshine Barato.” 

Yeah, it’s time to get under the covers! Meaning, let’s hear some cover tunes, although, these two are more like alternative covers, since they feature the musicians who were/are original parts of the songs. Off a CD called Rhythms Del Mundo—Cuba, which combines some popular tunes with Cuban Beats, using members from Buena Vista Social Club and raises money for worldwide disasters, we’ll hear Coldplay doing their song “Clocks,” and Jack Johnson, doing his song “Better Together.”

So, I’m not sure if any of you were lucky enough to see the English Beat at the National this past week when they played, but I’m sure they put on just as good of a show as they did when they came a few years ago. To celebrate that, off their CD Special Beat Service, we’ll hear is the songs “Spar Wid Me” and “Pato and Roger a Go Talk,” not sure about what though. The English Beat, or the Beat or The British Beat, depending on where you’re from—they had to go by different names back in the 1980s.

Speaking of going by different names, you can tune into the World Music Show, with me Elroy, every Saturday from 8:00 -10:00 p.m. on Richmond Public Radio, 88.9 WCVE. And you can stream the show via this website. Plus, for kicks, you can follow the show on Twitter @wcveworldmusic and on Facebook at The World Music Show on WCVE. Happy Travels!