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It’s a Female’s World

We’re celebrating the world of female Latin musicians on this week’s World Music Show (8/5). From all over the Latin spectrum, we’ll checkout some top-rated musicians who are distinct, experimental and just plain amazing. It’s going to be two hours of some spectacular music. And to get you ready, here’s a bit of a primer.

Now, I’m not sure if how I want to organize this showcase for you—I mean, I could lay it out as the two hours progress, going from the first chunk of music to last. Or I could highlight the artists via the region they come from—but this may stack up heavily in favor of Brazil—though it’s not a race. But, I think in the end, I’ll just throw together this list in no particular order.

Bebe. This Spanish musician appears twice in tonight’s show, which I guess rates her a smidgen above the rest—but again, this isn’t rating scale—it’s just how I laid out the show. But there’s no denying her talents—she’s like a chameleon when it comes to her style. And that’s both musically and physically. She’s always exploring and expanding her artistic needs. We’ll hear a Rock-n-Roll infused track off her CD Un Pokito de Rock n’ Roll, and we’ll hear a more subdued song off a Putumayo compilation.

Juana Molina. She’s an Argentine singer, songwriter and actress, based in Buenos Aires, who’s known for her distinctive sound—mostly in an area called folktronica, which is ambient, ethereal and creative.

Ceci Bastida. This Mexican singer is a powerhouse when it comes to her work. She’s great solo, leading her band in all sorts of rock-heavy directions. And she’s great when she’s with the Morrissey (of the Smiths) cover band Mexrrissey, in which she has no problem taking the lead on songs, or supporting the group. We’ll hear both a solo piece and one with the band.

Ceu. Like many artists in the line-up on this week’s show, Ceu is experimental—she’s always growing and changing up her sound. Off her CD called Tropix, she mixed the Tropicalia sounds along with some electronic beats—the word Tropix is blending she did of Tropicalia and Pixels, which were her motivation for the record.

Dayme Arocena. This Cuban soul singer is on fire right now, burning up the stages wherever she plays. With her strong and powerful voice, she’s reigniting the Cuban soundtrack.

Andrea Echeverri. Like Ceci Bastida, she’s comfortable going solo as well as being the lead in a band. Her music has a soul resonance to it that also lifts the spirits of whoever listens. We’ll hear her solo and with her band Aterciopelados.

Eljuri. This Ecuadorian/New Yorker is one of the best guitarists out in the field right now—male or female. She’s writes powerful songs of protest, love and joy. But off her CD called Fuerte, we’ll actually check out a more mellow song called “Empuja,” which features the legendary musicians and producers Sly & Robbie.

So, I could go on and on—but you get it, right? This week’s show is going to be an amazing exploration into the Latin female sound. Other honorable mentions go to: Monica Da Silva, Carrie Rodriguez, and Nina Miranda, who’s new album Freedom of Movement just keeps amazing me at each track.

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