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The Healing Gardens: Nurturing Mind, Body and Spirit


Established in 2011 in partnership with Tricycle GardensBon Secours Memorial Regional Medical Center maintains a Healing Garden nestled near the cancer wing. The garden space provides beautiful views for patients and a reflective space for patients, staff, and visitors alike. The produce and herbs grown in the Healing Garden are used for community health education and by the cafeteria staff to create nutritious meals for patients and families.

88.9 WCVE’s Charles Fishburne has this video report:


Charles Fishburne: From the WCVE Newsroom, I’m Charles Fishburne. Monks in the Middle ages discovered there were healing powers in their medicinal gardens that went beyond the physical.

Michael Robinson, CEO Memorial Regional Medical Center, Mechanicsville: I think it is a broader issue than about superb, excellent clinical care. That is clearly at the core of what we do. To me this is nurturing the spirit, not just the mind and body, so it’s got to be incorporated together. And that’s what the garden reminds me of and excites me about.

Fishburne: And so it is with Bon Secour’s Healing Garden. The garden is in a courtyard, just outside the hospital, within site of staff, and patients and visitors and designed in part, by Sally Schwitters of Tricycle Gardens, whose mission it is to bring beauty and nutrition to Richmond’s food deserts.

Sally Schwitters, Director, Tricycle Gardens: Our mission is about creating beautiful spaces, that also provide an abundance of healthy food for communities that haven’t traditionally had them.

Fishburne: There is food along with flowers, grown here. Some of it goes to underserved Richmond neighborhoods, some of it is used in the hospital cafeteria, just a few feet away.

Stephen Nolin, Executive Chef: As soon as you break these leaves, the aroma, the flavor, it’s just in the air. It’s beautiful!

Fishburne: One hundred eighty-nine hospital patients will get grilled chicken today, flavored with herbs from gardens just  minutes away from their rooms. It is part of Bon Secours and Tricycle Gardens long-term commitment to a healthy body and soul - here, and beyond the hospital walls. Charles Fishburne, WCVE News.