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New National Park Visitors Center Opens in Petersburg

In partnership with the Petersburg Preservation Task Force, the city has been able to move forward with a National Park Service Satellite Visitors Center in the historic Southside Depot built in 1862.

The project was initially funded by a grant administered by VDOT. Chip Mann is Executive Director of the task force. He said the work is going forward thanks to a $100,000 grant from the Civil War Trust, now known as the American Battlefields Trust.

"This is an opportunity to for them to help save a significant building and that money is proving to be crucial to expedite the reopening of the building."

The trust worked to reopen the former Siege Museum now the Exchange Building.

"Petersburg is no longer under a siege mentality. It is now open for the exchange of diverse ideas and stories."

Mann said the trust has more than a hundred volunteers to help get things done in Petersburg.