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Ocean Friends: A Child-Focused Book with Global Importance

Ocean Friends

Of all the material things you can give to a child, books may be the most essential. Holding the collective knowledge, opinion, and imagination of humanity, books are reminders of one’s place in the world and can influence positive thought and behavior.

Ocean Friends, part of Hatherleigh Press’ Kubu series by Andrew Flach, is a 32 - page book for pre-readers and early readers. Beginning with Jacques-Yves Cousteau’s guote, “People protect what they love,” the book features sharp, colorful photographs of sea creatures showing the diversity of ocean animals and their surroundings. Each page or two is dedicated to a particular species, making it easy to talk about that animal with pre-readers.

For early readers, there is one line of simple text on each page. The words and photographs can encourage conversation with parents and others about the importance of oceans and their diverse inhabitants to all life on Earth.

Whether it is the near-smile on the large ray, the diaphanous bodies of the jellyfish, or the brilliance of the red starfish, Ocean Friends is a book to savor, share, and talk about with the smallest global citizens.

One free copy of Ocean Friends will be available at the Book Angel book giveaway at The Community Idea Stations’ Explore the Outdoors event on May 1.