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Activists Speak Out In Support Of Abortion Services Protections


Today (1/17), progressive activists held a press conference in support of legislation to enact protections for abortion services and expand women’s access to contraception.

One bill would increase the amount of oral contraception a woman can receive from a 3-month supply to a full year with a prescription.

Margie Del Castillo, with the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health, said, “Dispensing a 12 month supply of oral contraceptives reduces the likelihood of unintended pregnancy by 30 percent and increases the chances that birth control will be used continuously and correctly.”

Other legislation would allow women to waive the requirement that physicians review government written materials on fetal development and abortion alternatives before an abortion is performed.

A final bill would prevent future efforts to pass additional limits on abortion services.

The Family Foundation of Virginia, who opposes the bills, says the state has a role in protecting unborn human lives and should set appropriate restrictions.