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Republicans Present Green Energy Bills

A group of Republican lawmakers presented a series of clean energy bills today (2/2) to advance solar, energy efficiency and energy storage technologies. The legislators say conservation is part of a conservative “all of the above” energy agenda.

Senator Frank Wagner (R-Virginia Beach) said, “The key to really, really making renewables take hold and making them a much more important part of the energy picture in Virginia is the ability to store the excess energy when it’s produced.”

Two net metering bills would allow farmers and communities to generate more electricity than they use and sell it back to the utility company.

Another bill would allow localities to create green development zones to give tax credits and special regulatory considerations to businesses that operate energy efficient buildings or create green products.

A final bill would allow certain electric utilities in the coalfields of southwest Virginia to ask for rate adjustments to cover the costs of building hydro-electric generation and storage facilities.