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State Senate Targets Sanctuary Cities


On a party line 21 to 19 vote today (2/6) the Senate passed a bill that would target so-called sanctuary cities, making them liable for any damages due to injuries sustained in accidents where an unlawfully present driver is at fault.

The bill defines sanctuary as any city that doesn’t enforce federal immigration laws to their fullest extent. Republican Senator Dick Black is the Bill’s patron. “But what it does is prevents the situation where you have localities who say ‘We don’t care what the federal law says. We don’t like federal immigration law and we invite people to come here and we will shield you from legal process.’”

Democratic Senate Minority Leader Dick Saslaw spoke against the legislation. “It seems to me that you’re asking the taxpayers to pick up something that’s not their responsibility.”

Should the bill pass the Republican controlled House of Delegates, it will likely be vetoed by Governor Terry McAuliffe.