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Assembly Legalizes Purchase Of Cannabidiol Oils For Epilepsy

Cannabidiol extract

Today (2/14) the General Assembly passed legislation that would legalize a distribution system for patients with epilepsy to purchase Cannabidiol and THCA oils. The marijuana extracts have no psychotropic properties but have been proven effective in greatly reducing the amount of seizures that epileptic patients experience.

Two years ago, lawmakers decriminalized possession of the drugs but families had no mechanism to purchase it.

Republican Delegate Dave Albo of Fairfax said, “And then Jennifer Collins, a young lady who came and spoke to us, absolutely remarkable, she said that she’s pretty much eliminated almost all her seizures and has very, very few recurring episodes. So if you ever think that you don’t do anything to help people down here because it’s just a bunch of blah, blah, blah bills, this is something that is actually making people’s lives much better.”

Manufacturers would be government regulated to prevent the sale of simple marijuana.

The Senate bill passed the House 99 – 0 on Wednesday and now goes to Governor McAuliffe.