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VPM Daily Newscast: November 30, 2021

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Here’s a recap of the top stories on the morning of Tuesday, November 30, 2021: 

  • Some Virginia schools have recently removed certain book titles from school library shelves immediately following parent complaints. But experts warn that this is dangerous, and could violate state law. Megan Pauly reports.  

  • Employers are debating whether going back to the office is necessary. According to a survey recently conducted by the University of Richmond business school and the Virginia Council of CEOs, about 30 percent of top executives are unsure of what to do. Around 45 percent of CEOs said they are not going to require in-person work, while about 20 percent are requiring it. A few business leaders told the Richmond Times-Dispatch that productivity did not decline during the pandemic and acknowledged not all roles have to be in-person. But others felt that in-person interactions better employees’ commitment to the company and service to customers. 

  • Longtime Virginian-Pilot movie and theater critic Mal Vincent died this weekend. Vincent was a regular on our partner station WHRO's show “HearSay with Cathy Lewis" and hosted the podcast “This Week in Mal’s World.” Jonah Grinkewitz has this remembrance.  

  • The media outlet Courthouse News Service is suing Virginia court officials to expand access to digital court documents. Currently, citizens and journalists have to physically drive to courts to get access to court documents. But lawyers can get them from a digital database. Courthouse News argues in the lawsuit that this process infringes on First Amendment rights.  

  • According to the Richmond Times Dispatch, the Attorney General’s Office asked the case to be dismissed last month. The office says solely giving lawyers digital access is in the state's interest to protect court records from exploitation. 

  • A Richmond Circuit Court judge last week denied two motions by the defense in the case of Orlando Carter, a Black man city police shot on New Year’s Eve last year. Meg Schiffres has more. 

  • The Petersburg Public Library has free COVID-19 test kits people can take home. Two home test kits are available per person. They can be picked up at a library’s drive-through window or the customer service desk. Residents with questions can call the Virginia COVID Information Center, Monday through Friday, at 877-829-4682 or check out the Petersburg Public Library’s website