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Gov. McAuliffe’s Budget Includes More State Funding for Elementary Principals

Governor McAuliffe’s newly proposed budget calls for $7.6 million in additional state funding for full-time principals in all elementary schools across the Commonwealth.

Right now, a funding formula called the local composite index determines how much state funding goes to school divisions. But before that calculation is made, Virginia’s Budget Director Daniel Timberlake says the total school cost is calculated.

“So in determining that total cost, if you’re a really small elementary school you’re only getting a half a principal,” Timberlake said. “If you’re a large elementary school, you’re getting a full principal.”

The Governor’s budget proposal calls for the cost of a full-time principal to be added in for all elementary schools.

While Republican Senate Majority Leader Tommy Norment says early childhood education is a priority, he’d like to examine which jurisdictions are currently sharing principals.

“It’s very nice to get up there and say we’re going to put a principal in every elementary school, but the question is: are they schools that are underperforming that would benefit from on-site administration?" Norment asked. “So we can’t make the decision in a vacuum.”