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Assembly 2018: Gun Bills Shot Down

Gun in holster at gun rights rally. Image from WCVE TV General Assembly Report

Today (1/15) marks day six of Virginia’s 2018 General Assembly session, and many of the Governor’s top-priority gun proposals have already been voted down by the Senate Courts Committee.

The bill to require universal background checks went down on a 6-to-9 vote Monday.

Another bill - birthed from the executive order task force on public safety and civil unrest - was sponsored by Richmond Senator Jennifer McClellan, would’ve allowed localities to prohibit guns at permitted events. “The events of Charlottesville show a new brand of protests where firearms are prevalent, where firearms can and are being used.”

The Department of Homeland Security and Public Safety has 6 remaining proposals under it‘s “preventing gun violence” legislative initiative.

They are scheduled to go before the chambers’ courts committees.