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Bump Stock Ban and Other Gun Control Bills Killed in House Subcommittee

Cortney Carroll, Las Vegas shooting survivor

Craig Carper

Last night (1/25) a House of Delegates Militia, Police and Public Safety Subcommittee killed 16 gun control bills, including a ban on bump stocks like the one used in the Las Vegas shooting last year. 

House Militia, Police and Public Safety Subcommittee 1A tearful survivor, Henrico resident Cortney Carroll, shared her story with the subcommittee saying that a ban on bump stocks would have saved lives at the Harvest Festival Concert. “For me and all my PTSD and anxiety I just really wanted to try to make a difference and I feel like this would help. Why make it easier for people to get these items that turn your…gun into essentially a machine gun.”

Republican committee members and gun rights advocates like Phillip Van Cleve, disagreed. “We’ve had one instance where something happened with bump stocks. For a decade, we’ve had one. If we did that with automobiles we’d all be walking every day.”

 The subcommittee also killed bills to require background checks for gun purchases, and a reinstatement of the Wilder era one handgun per month rule, which advocates say helped combat gun trafficking.


Watch the entire subcommittee meeting below. Carroll's testimony begins at 57:00.