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Former Senator John Watkins Steps Aside for SCC Post

A familiar name in Virginia politics has stepped aside as a candidate for the State Corporation Commission in favor of Richmond Lawyer David Clarke.

John Watkins served in the General Assembly for 34 years, the last 18 of then representing the 10th District. He retired in 2016, but was the Republican favorite to fill the unexpired term of Judge James C. Dimitri.

Carl Tobias, Law Professor at the University of Richmond, said, “He said it was not in the best interest of his family, and he’s been re-elected as Chairman of Community Bankers Trust Corp.”

Watkins is also 71 and would have been able to serve only two years before the state’s mandatory retirement age for judges.

“Senator Watkins endorsed David Clarke who is a long time lawyer and lobbyist in the Richmond area and has worked for several high-profile and well-respected law firms.”