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State Budget Sets Pay Increase for Teachers

The state budget that expanded Medicaid this May includes a three percent raise for teachers across Virginia. But to accept the money, school districts have to be able to pay their share.

The wage increase applies to school employees like teachers and counselors. It’s only written into the second year of the biennial budget, which policy analyst Chris Duncombe says is a money saver for the state.

“So there’s quite a bit of state fiscal savings from doing that but it does mean that teachers won’t receive the benefit of the state investment until July 1 of 2019.”

To accept state funding for the 3 percent raise, each district is required to pay its own share, determined by the Local Composite Index, a formula the state uses to calculate localities’ ability to pay.

Some districts already included raises in their own budgets to cover the upcoming school year - but they’ll have to decide whether to accept state funding for an additional raise in 2019.

For now, Henrico teachers will see a 2.4 percent wage increase. Educators in Chesterfield, Hanover, and Richmond will receive 2 percent raises this year.