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Postal Service Looking Into Release of Spanberger Document

An unredacted federal security questionnaire, filled out by 7th District Congressional Democratic candidate Abigail Spanberger, has been released by a conservative political action committee. The group obtained it with a Freedom of Information Act request.

Spanberger completed the questionnaire, called an SF 86, when she applied to be a Postal Inspector. The Postal Service is looking into the release.

The document reveals that Spanberger was a teacher at a Saudi funded school in Virginia. A former student there was charged with joining al-Qaida.

Yesterday (8/29/18), the candidate spoke to the media in a conference call. “To say, in any way, that I’m hiding anything is certainly nefarious in its intention and certainly not true because it was declared on the SF 86 and, again, I was adjudicated for a secret clearance and then a top secret clearance.”

Spanberger said she filled out the SF86 without hesitation and her work at the CIA cannot be discussed. She said the fact that the CLF PAC would try to link her to terrorist intentions, “It is particular infuriating that they would make these sort of dog whistle style attacks against me.”