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Writers Sue Charlottesville, Albemarle County Over Tax

Novelists John Hart and Corban Addison are represented by Renée Flaherty of the Institute for Justice.

Charlottesville and surrounding Albemarle County have long had an abundance of freelance writers. Now, some of them are suing over what they see as unfair taxation of their craft.

John Hart is a novelist who says he objects to a location-based tax.

"I work from between my ears. I make a living off of pure imagination, and I could literally do my job sitting in a tree."

Fellow novelist Corban Addison is also suing.

"We should be treated equally, and in this case the city and the county are not treating us equally. They've given an exemption-- a free pass-- to the traditional media; and yet they've come after us."

Local tax collectors claim they're just following state law.