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VCU’s Rice Rivers Center Working To Preserve Water Resources

VCU Rice Rivers Center
VCU Rice Rivers Center (Photo: VCU Rice Rivers Center)
The World Resources Institute has just released a report that 17 countries around the world are under extreme risk of running out of water, and though Virginia has been considered a water-rich state, it is beginning to face some of the same pressures.  Charles Fishburne reports.   Transcript:   Charles Fishburne:  That is especially true in Tidewater.   Greg Garman:  Trying to pull more waters out of coastal rivers.   Fishburne:  VCU’s Rice Rivers Center’s Director Greg Garman.   Garman:  Trying to pull more ground water out of coastal aquifers, and most of these resources are already stretched.   Fishburne:  He says it is mostly rising populations, climate change and rising sea levels.   Garman:  And so we are working real hard with engineers, with policy makers.   Fishburne:  Garman says the Rice Center is about taking good science and applying it to good policy.   Garman:  Not only create awareness of the problem but then provide the science that will be necessary to tackle these problems in the most effective way possible.   Charles Fishburne VPM News.