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VCU Researcher Develops Short-Cut To Improve ADHD Students’ Learning Skills

Dr. Joshua Langberg

Some 280 students with ADHD in Chesterfield County Middle Schools have seen their homework and planning skills dramatically improved as the result of a brief-school based research program conducted by VCU.

Working on a $2.4 million dollar federal grant, Dr. Joshua Langberg has rolled out his HOPS program in hundreds of school programs throughout the country, including Chesterfield.

“This was an attempt to evaluate an intervention under real-world conditions,” Langberg said. “Most research-developed interventions never get used in school and community settings because they are too costly, require lots of training and supervision, and are complex. We set out to design and evaluate ADHD interventions that are brief and feasible to implement under real-world conditions with typically trained providers.”

In Chesterfield, each student participated in 16 meetings with a school counselor of 20 minutes or less and reports significant behavior changes in both the classroom and at home.