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Charlottesville Appears Set To Evict General Lee Statue

Statue of Robert E Lee

Just two weeks after a 2-2 tie, Charlottesville City Council is poised to vote Monday night (2/6) to remove an equestrian statue of General Robert E. Lee.

To lifetime Charlottesvillian Lewis Martin, says Lee stands for reconciliation after Appomattox. “He said, ‘Go home and be good citizens’,” said Martin.

But Bob Fenwick, the Councilor who abstained last time, says he’ll vote to remove the statue because it offends thousands of citizens. “Robert E. Lee knew exactly what he was doing when he volunteered to be the commander in chief of the confederate army. He was protecting the Confederacy whose lifeblood, literally, was enslaved human beings,” said Fenwick.

Both sides say statue-moving isn’t cheap--over $300,000 by one estimate. And both expect litigation--something the Councilor embraces. “I would encourage the lawsuit because this has to be settled. We can’t leave these loose threads dangling,” said Fenwick.

Tonight’s motion would also strip Lee’s name from the Park.