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Virginia Senate Passes Gun Control Legislation

Man covers face with hand
Todd Pillion ( R - Abingdon ) covers his face during a session on gun control. (Photo: Crixell Matthews / VPM)
Four legislators at desks
Todd Pillion (R - Abingdon) covers his face during a session on gun control. Amanda Chase (R - Chesterfield) sits to his left. (Photo: Crixell Matthews / VPM)
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Ahead of a gun rights rally planned for Monday, the Virginia Senate passed several bills that would place further restrictions on firearms. These include universal background checks for firearms sales and a bill giving localities greater authority to regulate guns within their jurisdictions. 

The Senate also passed a bill that would reinstate the Wilder era One-Handgun-Per-Month purchase limit which was in effect for 19 years. The one per month limit would only apply to handguns and not rifles.

Senate Majority Leader Dick Saslaw (D - Fairfax) and patron of the handgun limit bill said, “During that period you could have purchased 228 handguns. I maintain that if 228 guns isn’t enough for you, something has gone terribly wrong in your life.” 

Sen. Amanda Chase (R - Chesterfield) spoke against the bill. “When I go to a gun show with my husband, I like to shop and I might want to get multiple guns to match my purse. I don’t know," Chase said.

They bills now go to the House for consideration where they are expected to pass. Governor Ralph Northam has said he will sign all of them.