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What happens when a refugee resettles in the United States?

Podcast: Coming Soon

In the premiere season of the podcast Resettled, we take a look at the resettlement process through the experiences of refugees and explore the policies shaping their future.

Resettled Host Bios

Ahmed Badr

Ahmed is a writer, social entrepreneur, poet, and former Iraqi refugee working at the intersection of creativity, displacement, and youth empowerment. On July 25th, 2006, Ahmed's home in Baghdad was bombed by militia troops. He and his family relocated to Syria as refugees before receiving approval to move to the United States. Ahmed’s projects have been featured by NPR (Narratio; Baggage Exhibit; Morning Edition), the World Bank, Juilliard, Buzzfeed, and others.  

In 2017, Ahmed worked with the UN Migration Agency (IOM) to launch and host the podcast A Way Home Together. Ahmed is the founder of Narratio, a platform for youth empowerment publishing artwork from around the globe. In the last three years, Ahmed’s storytelling initiatives have reached over 20 million people across the world. In September of 2018, Ahmed was selected as one of 17 UN Young Leaders by the Secretary General’s Envoy on Youth. 

Maria Parazo Rose

Maria is a researcher and writer who strives to tell stories through longform narratives, data journalism, and podcasts. With a background in environmental science and international development from Vassar College, she is focused on climate migration and the dynamics between rural and urban areas. Prior to living in Pittsburgh, PA, Maria worked in northern Thailand with a local NGO designing programs on child rights, migrant rights, and statelessness. Maria produces Morning Edition with WESA in Pittsburgh and was previously an associate editor with the magazine Postindustrial, where she published a story about a viral video of a young Syrian refugee bullied at school.

Originally born in Canada, Maria grew up in the Philippines with her grandparents before moving to the United States and attending school in Harrisonburg, Virginia. Maria is producing a Resettled episode on the inclusive culture of Harrisonburg High School and the role education plays in introducing refugees to a new culture. 

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