VictoryPoint offers you the opportunity to give online through a secure E-Giving program.

E-Giving is convenient, safe and reliable. When you participate in E-Giving, your gift will be transferred conveniently from your choice of either a checking account, savings account or credit card directly to VictoryPoint. A record of each gift will appear on your banking or card statement. You will also continue to receive an annual giving statement from VictoryPoint for tax purposes.

You may increase, decrease, or suspend your giving at any time through the online donation form.

NOTE: VictoryPoint is currently migrating to a new electronic funds transfer agency called “Stripe”. If you have been giving to VP electronically prior to August 2017 and you have a recurring payment plan setup you will first want to cancel that plan at EFT Corporation before switching to Stripe. All online giving will switch to Stripe starting January of 2018. Thank you for your cooperation!


For Those Who Set Up Online Giving Before August 2017

Click this button to manage or cancel your existing EFT Corporation online giving plan that you set up before August 2017 to give to VictoryPoint.


For Those Who Set Up Online Giving AFTER August 2017

Click this button to use Stripe to initiate, manage or cancel a VictoryPoint online giving plan after August 2017.


For Those With Macatawa Bank Accounts

Email Karin Greenwood to learn how you can set up a recurring deposit with your Macatawa Bank account and allow 100% of your giving to go directly to VictoryPoint.