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Ren BellRen Bell • Director of Business Sponsorship • 804-560- 8233
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JoAnn CardwellJoAnn Cardwell • Account Executive • 804-560-8222
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Marcia BreckerMarcia Brecker •  Account Executive (Shenandoah Valley/Charlottesville) • 434-956-4598
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Lanny FieldsLanny Fields • Client Services Manager • 804-560-8226
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Align your business with award-winning public media.
VPM provides a unique opportunity for local businesses and organizations to not only support quality informational and education programming, but also to reach an incredible audience of highly educated, affluent and influential people who are extremely loyal to our stations and community. For area businesses and organizations, this provides a unique and valuable marketing opportunity to enhance brand awareness.

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Our highly engaged audience receives your messages in a clutter‑free environment.

  • Educated: They prioritize education and lifelong learning for themselves and their families
  • Influential: They drive trends through word of mouth and influence corporate and social networks
  • Cultural: Passionate about the arts, they relish music, theater and museums
  • Community-minded: They care about the future of the communities we serve, participate in local initiatives and are highly active in the community

Sponsorship on VPM Television:

  • More than 180,000 thousand weekly viewers.
  • Core programs include Antiques Roadshow, Masterpiece, Nature, NOVA, Frontline, PBS NewsHour, and PBS Kids.
  • Includes free production of a 15-second announcement when you become a TV sponsor.

Sponsorship on VPM Radio:

  • More than 110,000 listeners each week*.
  • VPM News ranked #1 Radio Station in Metro Richmond for college grads*.
  • VPM News ranked #1 Radio Station in Metro Richmond during drivetime for persons with a household income of $75,000+*.

Sponsorship on

  • The public media online audience is a technologically savvy group of individuals with diverse interests: information seekers, online shoppers, and influencers at home and in the workplace.
  • Web sponsors receive an average of over 25,000 impressions per month.
  • Your logo and message with a click through to your site.

(* Source: Arbitron Ratings, Fall 2019)