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Smyth Knight Features Debut Mixtape on Brewer's Sessions

Smyth Knight performs at Brewer's Cafe
Smyth Knight performs at Brewer's Cafe with the assistance of VybeHouse and back-up vocals by SIM (@simisonline), Marquis (@theonlydmarquis, and Liviaa (@oliviaaneysee).

Smyth Knight, a 19-year-old artist based out of Richmond, Virginia, is fresh off the release of his debut mixtape North Chesterfield. His style is heavily inspired by classic Richmond sounds of hip-hop and soul. Aside from the music, he is a part of the creative collective Kidz At Play, focusing on music, film, and fashion.

Set List: 0:31 North Chesterfield | 3:57 School Lunch (ft. Michael Millions) | 8:44 Won't Always Be This Way | 13:30 Graduation Day