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Celebrate Lover's Day with Francoise & High Definition Band at Brewer's Cafe

Francoise Hamiliton
Francoise Hamiliton and High Definition Band perform at Brewer's Cafe. | Photo Credit: SnyderVision2020/Jessica Snyder

Francoise is a New Orleans born singer, songwriter, musician, producer and entertainer bringing authentic vibes to her artistry and music. Referring to the sound as Street Soul, she introduces a genre infused with heavy drums and base, and the feel of live instrumentation from High Definition Band. Her album “Phases” and EP “From A Iphone” will be releasing soon. 

 Set List: 0:10​ Love Jones | 4:45​ I Miss You | 9:55​ Positions* (Prod by. NameBrand) | 13:42​ Survival | 17:09​ 100 | *The track is mistitled in the featured video.