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Producer, Emcee, and Managing Partner of Gritty City Records, Fan Ran brings his talents to Brewer's Sessions

Fan Ran
Fan Ran on set for Brewer's Sessions at Brewer's Cafe in Richmond, VA. | Photo: Jessica Snyder

Fan Ran hails from Richmond, Virginia. He is a producer, emcee, and a managing partner at Gritty City Records, where he recently partnered with Noah-O on “Dirty Rice: Deux.” His latest solo album, “Parole Party,” from Icy Palms Records, dropped on cassette in 2020.

 Set List: 0:28​ Wild Orchid | 2:12​ Bob Evans | 4:56​ Know Nothing | 6:50​ Mac Mcclung | 8:35​ Call Me Back | 10:10​ Train Wreck | 13:15​ How Shall I Rock Thee