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Producer, Emcee, and Managing Partner of Gritty City Records, Fan Ran brings his talents to Brewer's Sessions

Fan Ran
Fan Ran on set for Brewer's Sessions at Brewer's Cafe in Richmond, VA. Photo: SnyderVision2020/Jessica Snyder

Fan Ran hails from Richmond, Virginia. He is a producer, emcee, and a managing partner at Gritty City Records, where he recently partnered with Noah-O on “Dirty Rice: Deux.” His latest solo album, “Parole Party,” from Icy Palms Records, dropped on cassette in 2020.

 Set List: 0:28​ Wild Orchid | 2:12​ Bob Evans | 4:56​ Know Nothing | 6:50​ Mac Mcclung | 8:35​ Call Me Back | 10:10​ Train Wreck | 13:15​ How Shall I Rock Thee