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Milo Case brings Pillow Talking Weather to Brewer's Sessions

Milo Case
Richmond native, Milo Case and Jeaux Smeaux come together to close out Season 3 of Brewer's Sessions at Brewer's Cafe in Richmond, VA. 

Richmond native, Milo Case is an artist who combines hip-hop with R&B for a melodic, modern sound that ties with the 90’s music scene. Pillow Talking Weather 2 (PTW2) is Case’s newest album, featuring 15 songs that highlight his versatile range with consistent vibes throughout. His Brewer's Session features Dark Times (Freestyle) from PTW2 and additional tracks from Fire Lily (2019).

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Set List: 0:28​ One Time | 4:08​ Dark Times | 8:26​ Backflips | 13:01​ Two Zips