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Learn more about the insects in your garden

Visit a home garden dedicated to supporting pollinators, and learn how to identify pest damage in the vegetable garden with a professional entomologist. Allison Hurst and Jen Naylor share gardening tips you can use at home.

Peggy Singlemann with Chris Burnside and Karl Green
Image: VPM

Peggy Singlemann visits Chris Burnside and Karl Green to learn how their approach to supporting pollinators evolved from raising Monarch butterflies on their screen porch to transforming their yard into a pollinator paradise. To learn more about how you can help butterflies and other beneficial insects visit Monarch Joint Venture and the Xerces Society.

Imported Cabbage Worm on a plant
Image: VPM

To find out more about pest insects in the garden Peggy talks with Dr. Tom Kuhar, a professor in the Virginia Tech Entomology Department. Dr. Kuhar explains that correctly identifying the type of plant damage is the first step in figuring out what type of bug is attacking the plant.

Bee on a flower
Image: VPM

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Virginia Home Grown is hosted by Peggy Singlemann, Director of Park Operations and Horticulture at Maymont in Richmond, and co-hosted by Keith Nevison, Farm and Natural Resource Manager at Bundoran Farm. Featured contributors also include Randy Battle, Allison Hurst, Jen Naylor and Dr. Robyn Puffenbarger.