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November Photo Contest Winners

Congratulations to the Virginia Currents November Photo Contest Winners!

Contest Theme: Teachable Moments

To celebrate Virginia Currents 25 years of storytelling, the Community Idea Stations is holding a photo contest from October to April so viewers can share their story! Here are the winners of the November Photo Contest. Keep reading to see how you can enter the December contest for a chance to have your photo featured on WCVE PBS and WHTJ PBS. Grand prize winners will receive a GoPro camera.

L.A. Mathews won the "Popular Vote" with 200 votes.

"We all know we have to teach children how to behave and educate them, but we can also learn from them. Take a moment to play and love like a child."


Sally Burnam won the "Artists Pick." The featured artist, Sasha Waters Frayer, chair of the VCU photograpy and film department chose this photo because, "the three umbrellas in the foreground and the small figures scattered across the distant field are static yet suggest movement – a story in the midst of unfolding; unexpected magic."


"Bottom of the 9th Inning.......the sun came out during my daughter's spring softball game. Her team won proving that anything can happen!!"


December's theme is 'The Artist Within' with Alex Nyerges, the Director of the VMFA as the featured artist. Here is a sample of his work reflecting this month's theme.

"Creativity lies within each of us. Whether it be as a photographer, a filmmaker, a quilter, a painter, a poet, a dancer, or a musician, the essence of our humanity unfolds when we unlock that special power.

Exploring our creative side expands our view of the world. It makes our existence more meaningful, richer, and deeper.  We find the life that surrounds us more beautiful to see and enjoy."

Submit your photo for the December Virginia Currents Photo Contest for a chance to have your photo featured on WCVE PBS and WHTJ PBS.

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