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The Wildlife Center of Virginia
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Hosted by Ed Clark, Untamed takes you behind the scenes of the Wildlife Center of Virginia, where diagnosing and treating the injuries of its patients is just the beginning of the Center’s investigative and conservation work. The team also strives to identify and address the threats and hazards that cause harm to wildlife in the first place—issues ranging from illegal human activities to environmental contamination to emerging wildlife disease.

Untamed looks at the perilous world of wildlife, as seen through the eyes of the patients of the Wildlife Center of Virginia. These patients range from playful black bear cubs and majestic bald eagles to hummingbirds, bats, and snakes. Each one of the Center’s patients provides a window on the environment and unique insights into the challenges of life in the wild.

In addition to having treated more than 75,000 wild patients since the Wildlife Center of Virginia was established in 1982, the Center’s dedicated and highly trained team of veterinary and conservation professionals has provided highly-specialized, hands-on training to more than a thousand veterinarians and other trainees from more than forty countries. The Center’s impact is truly felt around the world.