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Virginia Currents takes the time to reveal the people and organizations who make a difference in the community, who are passionate, empowered and rise above challenges.

About Virginia Currents

Virginia Currents is the longest running TV show produced in Virginia. The program's goal is to inspire, enlighten, evoke emotions, conversation and connection. Through Currents Features we share in-depth stories of people and groups who overcome, persevere and inspire. Through Current Conversations we spark conversation on relevant topics that impact the community with experts who can shed light on these issues. Against the Grain, we focus on people and groups who choose to live life or follow a passion that is against the norm and often ahead of the wave. On the Move gives behind-the-scenes stories of Virginia's destinations whether well-known or a hidden gem. Spotlight on Virginia Music gives a chance for musical artists from across Virginia to shine.

Patrons of Virginia Currents: Josephine Miller • Marilyn Scott • Patti Pusey