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Virginia Currents (TV): VPM PBS | Thursdays at 8:00 p.m.
Virginia Currents takes the time to reveal the people and organizations who make a difference in the community, who are passionate, empowered and rise above challenges.

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About Virginia Currents

If you are a longtime citizen, there's always the familiar and the sentimental the scenes of your childhood people from your past and stories that make you proud to be part of our glorious state. For children, the program offers the chance to learn about home and place. For parents, its an opportunity to share your pride in the natural beauty and culture of your community. With host and reporter, Amy Lacey joining the program this 28th season, Virginia Currents delivers a wider variety of quality content.

Patrons of Virginia Currents: Josephine Miller • Marilyn Scott • Patti Pusey